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Blonde Roots Event Update

Wow… what amazing support, since we’ve opened the event it has been incredible the response for the Book Launch and Fundraising Event for White Ribbon Campaign.

Since White ribbon has been announced as the nominated charity with guest speaker Stephen Page sharing his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm, support has been great.

We currently have a dilema that there are limited tickets available (as of writing there are 22 seats available, only 16 special tickets left). We are attempting to add additional space to allow more to attend, however if all those who have indicated that they will attend from the Facebook group and messages it looks like we’ll have more attendees than spaces available. If you have indicated you are attending, you will still need to book and confirm your attendance.

Use the booking links below to confirm

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If you are unable to attend and are happy to support the White Ribbon fundraising by purchasing the book, here is the link:

Get The Book

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Interview: The Pain, The Tears And The Triumph

The Full Interview

Well here it is… the long awaited interview style video. Here I take you on a journey… my journey, but I’m sure there are parts of the video, where you will see a little part of your own life… your journey. So what happens when we feel we are always stuck in the same spot, how do we move past those thoughts? After what feels like five lifetimes of pain. I want to share with you so that you may know how I triumphed over what seems like five lifetimes of pain…

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It IS Not What You Do…

It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.





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The Heart Wrenching Interview

I cried when I watched this…

The feeling of it all coming together after what seems like a long time. I share with you from my heart my emotions leading up to and including this very special time.

Blonde Roots – One Woman’s Triumph Over Five Lifetimes Of Pain. Please watch the video to hear a little about my life story…¬† Continue reading