What does Relaxing mean to you?

Just recently I’ve had to stop and just be… as I get older it seems the body speaks with a louder voice. If I overdo it, the body shows me in different ways… a pain in the tummy, nerve pain, a slight headache.

Can you relate?

So what can we do to know when to stop before the body yells at us to slow down… Here are just a few that I find help me.



  1. Breathing… In this simple, powerful technique, you take long, slow, deep breaths (also known as abdominal or belly breathing).
  2. Meditation… Research suggests it may be helpful for people with anxiety, depression, and pain.
  3. Walking/Exercising… being one with nature, whether walking along the beach or a country stroll through nature, some form of exercise each day can be very beneficial for allowing our bodies to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Instagram, Me, Memories and Doing Better

Who would have thought that I would be doing Instagram, but here I am sharing some of my photos with you all. Going through older photos can bring a smile on ones face and also a few tears of those not with us anymore. I love to see how I’ve grown through the years. Writing my book allowed me to release so much pain and hurt, the layers released has taken some time, but in saying that everything we grow through brings a strength from deep within. You can only make the choices today with the knowledge you have today. I love the message here…



Time To Disconnect To Reconnect

journey-impI want to share with you a little of my journey over the last few months and the reason I am making these decisions.

As most of you know I wrote my autobiography and published in Dec 2012. Boy has that time flown. After writing my book and releasing all the pain and hurt of the past, I felt empty… I could actually feel a gaping hole in my stomach, obviously that had been where I had carried all that pain and hurt.

I decided to move to the country to do some healing, spend some time on me, and with my daughter in a place where there was great serenity and much peace.

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My Son – Thank You

Well this is just me being thankful and totally grateful for my son who is 31 and is my carer and has been since I had open heart surgery last year… I have no idea where I would be without his love and patience.

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behappy_ruok21I don’t know how many of you know I suffer chronic pain from a workplace accident that happened in the coal mines 6yrs ago.

The pain is there all the time, it’s just the depth of pain that varies and today is not a good day. I woke in tears, allowing myself to cry my eyes out. You see I don’t share this with many people. I continue on each day because of my kids. I can have quite a few days like this and then a few where life is ok, and I’m able to keep moving forward knowing that one day hopefully the pain will just go away. See I won’t take Continue reading

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Do You Make Time For Your Friends

Do you make time for your friends, or are you too busy rushing through life trying to be successful, to be happy, to be thinner, to be prettier, to be richer… It’s like when people go to the doctor and the doctor says… so how are you and people reply, yeah good thanks…?? people are so on autopilot, that the words are out of their mouths before they have even thought about the question. Its time to be still and listen, people are rushing here and there, no time to stop and listen to their friends cry for help, or even to see behind the smile we have all put on at times, to toughen up and keep moving. We think no one wants to hear about how shitty our day was or that the kids are driving us nuts, or that you haven’t had 5 minutes to yourself for so long. The list can be long…
I feel such a great need to share, that life is more meaningful when we start to care deeply about others. A hug, a smile, 5mins or more of our time to listen. When was the last time you stopped and listened, when was the last time you cared enough to help without the want of anything in return, when did you notice the redness of your friends eyes, but didn’t want to get stuck with their ‘stuff’, so moved on quickly. People/life is becoming or has become so dysfunctional. I say to you to apply this to your life. Take some time to care, to feel how the other person might be feeling. You might be really amazed at how you feel about yourself and how by simply being there for someone can make your whole day. Blessings and love to you all ❤

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Everyone Is On Their Own Journey

Sometimes we just plant the seed… And as time goes by someone will come along to water that seed. The right person at the right time. We are not here to fix everyone’s problems… We are here to experience love ❤
So next time you find yourself in a situation where you feel the need to fix someone… Stop and ask yourself am I just the person who plants the seed? We can not learn everything from just one person. Let them go with love, knowing that they will be watered and fed by many. ❤️
Everyone is on their own journey.
Just my thoughts over the last few days… Love to you all xx

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Time For Change

I believe we all helping our fellow man/woman/child by showing love, sharing our knowledge and being real. However, we are not always able to help everyone. I have pulled away from FB, because living in a virtual world is not always good for the soul. I want to talk with people face to face. The people that I’ve friended here are amazing. However, it is time for me also to do a spring clean. There are changes happening to me. It is now time for me to stand up and take a good hard look in the mirror and ask myself the same questions as above… Am I coming from a place of love? Am I sharing my knowledge and am I being real? I have this feeling in me that I want to spend less time on social media sites, I want to go out into the world and share the love I have inside. A smile, a chat with a stranger, a hug with a friend. Making the decisions from my heart has me feeling light and free. Fb saved my life some 6yrs ago, now it is time for me to get out there and DO what I am meant to do. This year has been a huge emotional year, with much growth. Of course, I’ll still be on FB, sharing with you all parts of my journey 🙂
Love to each and every one of you, may you lead from your heart and always choose Love. Xxx

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