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I Quit Smoking Week One

Week one

Every day I find myself filling the cravings with food, it is ok though as I knew I would put on some weight, I just want to be careful that it’s not too much as then I will have to think about the addiction to food…the cravings keep coming, but they are gone before I know it…this is great…I am starting to feel ok.

People say I will taste food better and be able to smell things better…but I don’t Continue reading

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The Day I Quit Smoking Day 2

Day 2


I am ok, I didn’t die during the night, but my body is telling me that it would like more sleep…I get my children organized for school and work, it’s Friday yay…tomorrow I will be able to sleep in, catch up on some sleep, maybe sleep will help take away this pain….I turn on my computer to find that a post I had placed the day before on Facebook about quitting and needing support was full of messages of encouragement and support from a lot of my friends on Fb…some of these messages:  Continue reading

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The Day I Quit Smoking

Day one – Quitting Smoking


So today is the day I quit smoking, I really want to do this, but I also have these feelings of how am I going to cope without the ciggies…

I catch a train into the city, where I am to be at my appointment by 11am. I arrive early, early enough to have a cappuccino and relax for a bit…I’m not really thinking about how difficult this will be, just know that if I don’t do it now, I will never do it…

I sit and enjoy my coffee and then go to the smoking area to Continue reading

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Is Everything OK?

Your kids are now young adults, their lives are busy, far too busy to worry about their  mum, far too busy to see you are slowly falling  apart, far too busy to see you screaming out for someone to listen to you… to talk with you and  just ask that question… Is Everything OK?

You see the world changing…all this new technology stuff has everyone becoming so  distant, uncaring, non-communicative, where people once wrote letters and rang to say hello… you find empty letterboxes and Continue reading