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So Where To From Here?


Hello my friends, Well it has been 13 weeks since I quit smoking and I have to say I am finally starting to feel human again.The cravings are almost gone and usually I can find something else to do or think about for the few minutes they last. Yay for me  🙂

I have been having more emotional release as I continue to write a book about my life. Today I had a gentleman ask, Why is your life much different or any different that would make you want to write about it? That got me thinking and I thought Continue reading

So Many Emotions Released

I Have Cried A River Of Tears

Time seems to be rushing passed. Is it because I am now counting by weeks and months my quit smoking journey? Can you believe it’s been almost 3 months…WOW is all i can say, and I wish the last 3 months had of been not so emotional.

Someone was telling me that when you smoke and you are stressed with every drag of your cigarettes you are suppressing all the negative feelings.

Now normally I would say what a load of hogwash, but I am now starting to see that Continue reading