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I Am A Non Smoker – 23 weeks


Time is just passing by so quick, can you believe it’s 23 weeks since I became a Non-Smoker, I no longer crave cigarettes. Well very rarely, and only for a short time, but it’s usually when I have something big going on in my life. See while I was a smoker it was my emotional crutch, and every now and then I look for that emotional crutch to get me through 🙂

So, my book has had its last chapter written, and did the tears flow…yes they did. What a wonderful feeling though to finally feel and acknowledge the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s almost a feeling of relief, Wow I made it…onwards and upwards from here.

What I would like to ask is where are you in your life right now?


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Talk About Good Things Coming Into My Life

Hello my friends and thank you for being so patient waiting for this blog.

You see time has been going passed very quickly, the tears that I have cried while writing my book has been like filling an ocean, at times spending days in bed not being able to stop crying and just allowing my body to release all the hurt that I have kept within for many decades.

I had no idea Continue reading