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Journey To The Centre Of My Soul

For some time now I have been writing my book so that I may help others. The process has been far more impacting than I ever thought.

Let me share a little of this journey with you

Back in 2005 I landed a job in the Coal mines, west of Mackay. It was a joyous occasion as I had been trying to survive for too long as a Single mum on not nearly enough to survive (Centrelink payments), don’t get me wrong I appreciated the payments   but they just never ever lasted long enough and I felt that certain stigma associated with being a single mum. I had worked hard all my life, even owned my own businesses and here I was after much trauma in my life, barely surviving!

I was very successful at driving the trucks even after Continue reading

Pictures In Comments

Ok so you’ve all seen my picture in the comments from my posts, however there is a whole lot of you that come up as a funny big G!

All you need to get these pics happening, yes on just about ANY blog is got to and register your email there! Simple, just like I did. Coming to join me? Continue reading