My Current Best Books – Amazon

I’ve just added on my site a direct link to my current favourite books, beside mine of course…, just click on the link to see one of my top 5, click on it again to see another of the top 5 and so on… As I get a chance I will do a review for […]

Blonde Roots – About the Author

Shocking and raw, Blonde Roots is an eye-opener as to what can really go on behind closed doors … and what happens when secrets are kept inside for so long. This is the emotional, inspiring and often painful story of Narelle Warcon’s life. Get ready for a gut-wrenching read as this woman triumphs through what […]

Books, Arms and Question Marks

You might ask what all of these have in common… Me. It’s just the daily grind of everything that’s going on in my life. The other morning I had a blood test… why is it these people think they know my body better… I am a hard one to get blood out of, but it […]

Positive or Negative -Which one are you Choosing?

The older I get the more I have come to realize how strong a connection there is between our thoughts and our words. I truly believe that this connection is a very important part of what we can learn in our lives. Many people’s problems are in the way they think, which could actually produce […]

It Is Finally Here – Blonde Roots

All I can say is woohoo… the book, my book… my autobiography is finally finished. Yes the book that I’ve been talking about writing for a few years now… is done. If I had of known at the start how long this process would take, well I may not have ever started. So you might […]