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Sitting here drinking my tea this morning and thinking about the year so far… My family suffered in the terrible floods in Bundaberg, two of my nieces and their families still not back in there homes, my mum hospitalised and then having stents put in and after a fall on Good Friday passed away on the 19th April (miss you mum) me and my youngest daughter selling up most of our ‘stuff’ and making the move to the country… Big move… And now my daughter Yolanda finding out she is over half way through her pregnancy that she hadn’t even known about (happy 1st time grandma), and now moving again back to Brisbane to support my daughter and my soon to be grandchild. 🙂
Now one could be all sad and upset from all that is happening, and don’t get me wrong there have been many emotions released, however from each of these comes blessings, each of us learning more about what is important… ‘LOVE’
I am so thankful I was able to have my Mum in my life till she was 87. So grateful for the experiences in my life that bring change. My heart is full of love as I grow and gain strength from life itself. I am very blessed and wish you all love and blessings for being my family, my friends, for being apart of my journey. Much love to you all ❤ ❤ ❤

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So much has happened since I moved to the property…


Book Cover BR finalI decided after writing my book ‘Blonde Roots’ that I needed to have a change… a change of scenery perhaps. The book had taken so much out of me. Even though it was cathartic to write my journey triumphing over sexual, physical and mental abuse, to be able to release the hurts and the pains I had kept in for many years, I some how felt a little empty inside… as if by releasing all my past hurt and all the pain should of made me feel more alive and free. Well it did, and I am so happy that I released all of those past hurts… I feel like a new woman. By letting go I learnt to love myself. A love I now want to share with others. The thing is not knowing where to from here. How does one fill the hole… Continue reading

Do Movies Make You Cry

Just finished watching a movie, parts were sad… I cried and cried realising that I have been missing my Mum. I’ve been sucking it up, trying to be strong… to move on… I think I’m a little scared that if I allow myself to cry that I just might not stop… Like when I released all my hurt and pain when I wrote my autobiography… I cried a lot then too… 😞
I feel peace within. I suppose it just all takes time.

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