Thanks everyone for taking part in the giveaway draw. I really appreciate your support. Wow, what an exciting time we had at the Book launch last Sunday… it is such a wonderful feeling to be able to share my journey with you all.

I'm very excited to announce


Todays Winner is:  Karen O'Shea


If you are the winner all you need to do is fill in the information below to have your copy sent to you.*

I would really appreciate you popping in your reasons around what drew you to the book, why you wanted a copy and how you came about knowing about it.

Please Note: The prize needs to be claimed within 48hrs, or we will re-draw and make a new announcement.


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If you can't wait to be one of the winners, use the link below to get your copy NOW!

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* Includes delivery to Australian destinations. International destinations will incur a small additional delivery cost.