Beauty Only Gets Attention…

beauty-heart-impBeauty only gets Attention, Personality is what captures the HEART.


  1. A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight.
  2. A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.


  1. The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.
  2. Qualities that make someone interesting or popular.  Continue reading
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Last Giveaway For The Year

nw-bookcoversquare-01The Blonde Roots giveaway was drawn at 4pm today and the winner announced, but you had to be on the list… you have to be in it to win it…

If you weren’t on the list then you need to get in for some exciting giveaways in the New Year. If you were on the list you need to go directly to your email to see if it is your lucky day!

To get on the list you can either go to the giveaway page CLICK HERE or you candrop your details in below. We need full details to know who to send the book to.  Continue reading

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Why I Do What I Do

WARCON LOW RES IMG_0029I have just launched my book ‘Blonde Roots’, and I can tell you it was difficult, well difficult to start opening up old wounds… going back into the old Narelle and starting the healing process, yes that’s what writing my book did for me. It healed a little girl that had suffered too much at the hand of abuse, pain and confusion.

However this process had helped me understand why we do some things in our lives, why we hide away with shame and fear. We have been conditioned to not open up about our hurts. We have been told that we must be tough enough to handle these hurts and pain… by ourselves.

By sharing my story I realised that part of my story Continue reading

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8 Ways To Declutter Your Mind

8ways to declutter-imp


  1. Accept What Is
  2. Be Kind To Yourself
  3. Release Your Guilt and Fears
  4. Let Go Of Control
  5. Visualise What’s Important To You
  6. Focus On Your Life-Force Energy
  7. Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable
  8. Find What Doesn’t Serve Or Interest You and Let It Go




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White Ribbon Campaign

Stephen PageIt was so exciting to have Stephen Page (CEO and Ambassador of White Ribbon) guest speak at the Blonde Roots Book Launch.

I want to share with you a little more information about White Ribbon, and how we can help this amazing organisation spread the awareness around domestic violence.

The online auction held at my book launch last week was a wonderful way to raise necessary funds to help get the word out to more people. Domestic Violence will not be accepted. Please read the following so that you Continue reading

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Auction Items

White Ribbon Campaign is the charity that I will be donating monies to from the Live stream Auction, where you can log in from anywhere in the world to bid on the items below…

White Ribbon is an organisation that works to prevent male violence against women. It is a male-led campaign that believes that most men are good and that good men abhor such violence. White Ribbon also believes in the capacity of the individual to change and to encourage change in others.

Through primary prevention initiatives and an annual campaign, White Ribbon seeks to change the attitudes and behaviours that lead to and perpetuate violence against women.  Continue reading

Win A Copy Of Blonde Roots

Get your very own copy of Blonde Roots for F*R*E*E!

If you would like to receive your very own copy of Blonde Roots as a gift from me to you, then pop your details in and keep an eye on your email… that’s right a free signed copy from me. Exciting….

I want to be able to help others who might still be stuck in certain areas of their lives, so by getting my story out there we can all help to create change.

Thank you for being apart of my journey. Don’t forget now to drop your details in Continue reading

Blonde Roots Event Update

Wow… what amazing support, since we’ve opened the event it has been incredible the response for the Book Launch and Fundraising Event for White Ribbon Campaign.

Since White ribbon has been announced as the nominated charity with guest speaker Stephen Page sharing his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm, support has been great.

We currently have a dilema that there are limited tickets available (as of writing there are 22 seats available, only 16 special tickets left). We are attempting to add additional space to allow more to attend, however if all those who have indicated that they will attend from the Facebook group and messages it looks like we’ll have more attendees than spaces available. If you have indicated you are attending, you will still need to book and confirm your attendance.

Use the booking links below to confirm

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[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=8]

If you are unable to attend and are happy to support the White Ribbon fundraising by purchasing the book, here is the link:

Get The Book

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Interview: The Pain, The Tears And The Triumph

The Full Interview

Well here it is… the long awaited interview style video. Here I take you on a journey… my journey, but I’m sure there are parts of the video, where you will see a little part of your own life… your journey. So what happens when we feel we are always stuck in the same spot, how do we move past those thoughts? After what feels like five lifetimes of pain. I want to share with you so that you may know how I triumphed over what seems like five lifetimes of pain…

Continue reading