Choices – What Are You Choosing?

One thing I've learnt and ladies have shared with me is that even after having health challenges that they see me get back up, time and time again… calling me inspiring… however for me it comes back to choices… every day we all need to make those choices to move forward, to get up, when our bodies feel like staying in bed, to keep learning… but it is also ok to stay in bed, to acknowledge that its ok to take time out just for you.

In life, it is about Balance, just like choosing what to eat, what we wear, how we think, and the words that come out of our mouths… Every day is a new day to be thankful for everything we have in this life… without lessons, we wouldn't move forward. So stop for a minute and ask yourself… what can I be thankful for today. Bring gratitude into your life every day. Look in that mirror and find that one thing you love about you. Be kind… smile at a stranger. See the change this brings into your life <3

Many Blessings and Much Love.

Narelle x