Don’t Lock Yourself Up

Some times we feel that the best thing we can do when we are suffering is to lock ourselves away from the world, from those who have hurt us. however, let me say that even though we need some time by ourselves it is not good to stay locked up with our own thoughts, we need to find someone we trust with our precious hearts. Someone who can help you see the strength in you and help guide you through… this can be a friend or a family member, however, I believe the best one to help us through is someone who has lived through something similar, they are the ones who truly understand on the same level. Be ok with who you share your self with, and keep looking for that person who holds you in a place of love.

You can get through this, you have the strength. Just remember to be kind to yourself. The last thing you want is to let the hurt and pain of what happened to you devour you from the inside. Keeping it inside will only make it worse because it's in the sharing of our story/our journey that we can truly release it all.

“Don’t lock yourself up with your own suffering, or it may devour you from the inside.” -Frida Kahlo

Love and Blessings,

Narelle x