Empathy Overload

I was told this week that I may suffer Empathy Overload… Really!!! is there such a thing?

Can one person truly care too much?

Part of  our design as humans is we have an ability to empathise with people who are suffering within our own society.

“Empathy is necessary for compassion” – So how are we able to care and not take on what seems to be overwhelm? It seems that by experiencing quite horrific things in our lifetime has us feeling from the depths of our souls and this total overload of empathy is something we can not seem to control. So what I've learnt is that we need to find other ways to take our minds away from those sad experiences happening around us, In our community and also on a Global scale. Being able to empathise is a good thing… as long as we are able to stay grounded and focus on how we can help not only ourselves, but others who feel they need to share their concerns with someone.

A walk out in the Fresh air – bringing our thougths back to nature and the love of what we have in our life, sheer gratitude for all the beauty that God has blessed us with. Spring is a wonderful time for this as we see the new beauty unfold before our eyes, what a wonderful calming feeling.

Taking ourselves away from all media – not just television, but all media. this is something I practise often. I do not watch TV much at all, the little news I see is usually as I turn on my computer to check emails and that is enough for me. We are driven by what the media claims to be compelling news. I understand that those watching negative things all the time would have them being negative, but what would happen if we were fed positive news? wouldn't that have us all thinking positively?… we all need to turn the switch to off at least a few times a week or even once a day and head outside to enjoy our beautiful world.

Spending time with and on Self – How much time do we spend just being… a time to rest, a time for peace within. Learning meditation and relaxation techniques can help here. This is something I too needed to learn. Take time for me. I now make special times for me to have a massage, get my hair done, have lunch with a friend, remembering to laugh… yes a good belly laugh will help those happy endorphins to explode within and take away any negatives or fears. It always makes me feel good 🙂

The best tip is to keep your understanding and perceptions of the other’s experience, but stay with your own detached experience at the same time. That’s called compassion.

Do you feel like the world has become too busy that no-one wants to listen or has the time to listen, or maybe even that they might not understand or can empathise with your concerns, then I might just have the answer for you. I have created a quiet space for you to talk with me about what's happening in your life. A private ear to listen, they say a problem shared in a problem halved.

Until next time.

Love and Blessings

Narelle x

    • Hi Julie, thank you so much for your comment. I am so happy you enjoyed the blog and want to send warm hugs to you for your healing journey. Blessings Narelle x

  • I’ve always found myself enjoying life and feeling more rested at those times that i’ve removed television from my life. In a previous relationship, we lived without television and we were so happy and joyous. I loved this reminder thanks Narelle.

    • Thanks Rodney, the thing is most media has so much negativity surrounding it… I believe living without the TV would be a good thing, especially not having to watch all the news, but could we do without it for good?

  • Thanks Narelle, for this timely reminder to take a step back, step outside and focus on self. I suspect those who are empathic are being overloaded as we all become even more open-hearted and compassionate in these changing times. Be well. Ann-Mhayra x

  • A few years ago I discovered a support group for “Empaths” I was fascinated and started to research. I discovered I am one showing all the signs you mentioned. Wow I suddenly felt like I was normal (ish lol) and just needed to know how to manage it. The examples you gave are great examples for how an Empath can slowly disconnect from the overload and connect with self again. I have spent a few years now learning about non attachment and compassion, as you have mentioned at the end of your post. I found these to be life changing. Great post and reflection 🙂

    • Hi Kama, yes it is wonderful when we find out we are not so strange after all 🙂 Thanks so much for the comment. I appreciate your time. Blessings Narelle 🙂

  • Hi Narelle,
    Great Post! Personally I think society could be more creative (and happier) without Television. It would however be individual choice, the time could be invested +ly or -ly. Our minds would be open to thinking. We would have more art, music, literature, etc. and would peruse other activities. We can do that on an individual level, imagine if it was ‘normal’! Also I find that the ability we have to communicate instantaneously (not just on-line, I’m talking mobile phones) also detracts from creativity. We are ‘expected’ to be contactable at all times.
    Kind regards, Debra 🙂

    • Hi Debra, thank you so much for your message. It is sad about how people communicate these days, and well… I miss the days of just having friends over and talking and laughing, person to person 🙂 but in saying that I’ve also met some wonderful new friends on Social media… I believe it would be a much better world if we had more Art, Music and Literature in our world, but again it comes down to choice. 🙂

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