I Rewarded Myself For Giving Up The Fags

Well Here It Is 10 Weeks And I Haven't Killed Anyone…

I am feeling good, but I was thinking… why shouldn't I reward myself for every week I am a non-smoker… well I would have spent the money on cigarettes, so why not go out and reward myself!

So that's exactly what I did, I booked in to the Beauty Therapist and had a manicure, a pedicure, an eyelash & eyebrow tint and a little bit of waxing…all fresh and feeling good.

So how am I going? At times it only feels like yesterday I quit, and other days it feels like it's been months already. I have learn't to take each day as it comes. The cravings are still coming but a lot less frequent. I definitely don't feel anger anymore…well not this week anyways 🙂

The Weight Can Wait

I have put on some weight…5kilos to be exact. I want to get rid of this as carrying this around feels crappy…but all in good time. I was thinking that I should give myself some time to just be, and be happy in the knowledge that the smokes have gone and not put too much pressure on myself. The weight can wait.

This week has been good, but at times I still tend to get emotional for no apparent reason. I think I am still grieving, but with time all these emotions should pass.

Just Have To Take One Step At A Time

Because I Care