Love and Be Loved

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved… it seems simple, right!!

But what we have been taught about love may not actually be the way we perceive it to be. In simple terms, love should be something that comes naturally. But what happens when we were not taught about what love is or how to show love.

To simply be love, to me means genuine gratitude for everything we are blessed with, so not just loving the new car, the new house, etc… but a deep feeling within the soul where one feels an absolute love for everything that is in their lives.

To love oneself first has many thinking this is a statement from ego, but it's not when you fully understand what this means. A great way to test this with yourself is to stand in front of the mirror and start to speak loving words to yourself… I Am Amazing, I Am Enough, I have beautiful eyes, I love the way I smile… how does that make you feel? awkward… right!! however, it is because of the conditioning from those around us that says we should not be so righteous, so full of ourselves. I felt this in my life growing up. We were taught to put everything/everyone above us. We should love others first, then if there is a little left we might actually get to show ourselves some love by having 5 mins to ourselves. Take the time each day to love on yourself, this is so very important.

You are worthy so allow this time just for you. You know we all work better for our family/friends/business/work when we are well-rested when we have spent time doing the things we love. So why is it not taught that it is absolutely ok to start with ourselves, to start each morning with a heart full of gratitude? To walk, to exercise, to sing, to take a long shower, to spend time in prayer or meditation. So start with yourself, and show yourself some full-on loving first.

Love can be a very spiritual experience – to see and be seen as we really are – beyond what we each appear to be.

To love is to recognise the inner soul in another person, and with that recognition, commitment, compassion & caring flow, love can be so natural. To be loved this way is like coming home, finding your authentic self, and discovering that you are not alone.


Love and Blessings,

Narelle x