What Is Success

“Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.” – Zig Ziglar

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Footprints In The Sand

Went for a walk along the beach with my youngest daughter and jazz the dog this afternoon, as we walked, all the footprints were there in front of us from those who have walked before us… we walked along trying to fit our feet into those footprints, our feet were either too big or too small, however it made me think about how often we try to follow in other peoples footprints in real life… This made me think about the decisions we make… do we follow those who have gone before us… Paved the way… It can make our lives easier… Or do we find our own way, paving our own footprints in the sand… This came up for me while talking with a dear friend and while I sit and ponder where my direction is, I know that my direction will open up to me, I will pave my own path when the time is right… For now I’m going to sit and enjoy the scenery and not put so much pressure on myself… And I’m ok with that…

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If Not Now… Then When??

fear-picWhen are you going to decide once and for all that you have had enough, and move on to living the life you long to live?

Are you sick and tired of living in fear; of making decisions based on what you’re worried might or might not happen as a result?

I have been speaking with a friend just recently who is going through some really tough times. He asked me when did you start to change and love who you are and how did you do this? I explained that after writing my book, things really started to change. The releasing of past hurts and pain. However it was well before this that my life started taking a different direction. After my work place accident I decided that I needed to look at me, the real person in the mirror, not the person who everyone else expected me to be…or my thoughts that they wanted me to be a certain way. Continue reading

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My Mums Favourite Flowers

I shouted myself some flowers… Beautiful Snapdragons and scented Stocks… Two of my mums favourite flowers 🙂
3 months since my mum passed away… Miss you so much 💜❤💙💚

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When Everything Changes…

changes My goodness, what a year it has been so far. So many changes. In my last blog I wrote about being out in the country unknowing if this was where my youngest daughter and I were meant to be!

We were starting to settle in, accept that our time in the country is an experience we should enjoy… take the time to just be. Appreciate the fresh air, the uncomplicated lifestyle. Well God certainly likes to keep us on our toes and we are now back living on the Sunshine Coast. How did all this happen so quickly I hear you ask? But didn’t you just move…  Continue reading

Sitting here drinking my tea this morning and thinking about the year so far… My family suffered in the terrible floods in Bundaberg, two of my nieces and their families still not back in there homes, my mum hospitalised and then having stents put in and after a fall on Good Friday passed away on the 19th April (miss you mum) me and my youngest daughter selling up most of our ‘stuff’ and making the move to the country… Big move… And now my daughter Yolanda finding out she is over half way through her pregnancy that she hadn’t even known about (happy 1st time grandma), and now moving again back to Brisbane to support my daughter and my soon to be grandchild. 🙂
Now one could be all sad and upset from all that is happening, and don’t get me wrong there have been many emotions released, however from each of these comes blessings, each of us learning more about what is important… ‘LOVE’
I am so thankful I was able to have my Mum in my life till she was 87. So grateful for the experiences in my life that bring change. My heart is full of love as I grow and gain strength from life itself. I am very blessed and wish you all love and blessings for being my family, my friends, for being apart of my journey. Much love to you all ❤ ❤ ❤

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