Where To From Here?

When I was writing my book, there were so many emotions that came up… after not sharing my hurts and pain with others I found that keeping them all inside for so long, was not the best thing I could have done. I needed to share them and deal with them at the time…

I allowed the pain and hurt to surface, and then dealt with it somehow, and at the time… it was mostly tears… once the book (Blonde Roots) was released it was amazing how the weight lifted from my whole body… but now it seems I feel empty, because the person I was for so long… is gone in a sense… left in the book… like there is a hole inside of me… like I'm starting all over again… choosing my new path… I realised I just have to spend some time on just being… allow the things to come in that will be so much more positive then anything I have experienced before.

So Where to from here? Well I am not really sure. All I do know is that I need to spend some time on me… I know I have more writing to do. I want to help others on their path, so I would like to know if you  or someone you know have suffered from Domestic Violence and would like to share a part of your story/ journey. I would really like to discuss with you the possibility of having your story heard.

It is only by standing up… standing together, that we can start to bring about change around domestic violence. How wonderful would it be to start to see changes in the way society looks at this hideous act. We all have rights, we all have the power within… We just need to have our voices heard.


Narelle x

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