8 Weeks and Still Going Strong

Wow, I Can't Believe I Am Still A Non-Smoker…

Last Thursday it was 8 weeks since I quit smoking…8 weeks, can not believe it…I have to admit that things are getting a little easier, but how was I going to handle attending my sisters wedding, knowing there were going to be smokers there??

It felt good driving by myself to Bundaberg, no kids and no one to have to worry about…See, 6 weeks earlier my cousin who lives with us went to Bundaberg to do some renovations on a property I have up there, so I was left to look after everything…even the pool…now I was on the open road and loving the freedom I was feeling.

I was heading up a few days early for my sisters wedding to help with organising the flowers and be there for my sister, catch up with my Mum and spend some time with my Son and his fiance.

My son and his fiance smoke…hmm, was I strong enough to be around it without wanting to have a drag…but I kept myself busy, and they were out also…it was a little tough actually trying to find time to have a chat let alone want to smoke

I Just Had To

So here I was catching up with all the family, my sister was there…All of a sudden I was asking her for a drag of her cigarette, I just wanted to try it…It was disgusting and I couldn't wait to find something to take the awful taste out of my mouth…My sister commented…'Well it looks like you have done it'. She meant that by me coughing and spluttering that I was not going to go back to smoking…and you know what…she was right…

I may have had a drag that day…but it made me realise that I no longer wanted to smoke…the social side of smoking is what I was craving…

So on my sisters special day 11/11/11 I spent time helping her and making sure everything ran smoothly…It was the best wedding I have ever been to. I am so proud to have the most amazing sisters and family, and can now be proud of ME for taking that risk to quit smoking on that day 8 weeks ago…

I was outside on the phone when I realised all the smokers had congregated around me…I was in their area, would it bother me? I surprised myself by not going anywhere near their smoke…I walked a distance away and realised I was no longer a smoker…the ties were gone…I smiled ๐Ÿ™‚

It has not been easy, many times of wanting to have a smoke, but staying strong…and now I feel a sense of accomplishment…

I feel alive and now my journey begins…I feel good, I smell better…so onwards and upwards from here x

Because I Care

Narelle x

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    • Thank you for your kind words Anne, it has been difficult at times, but I am now starting to feel alive again ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hello Rebecca, Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It has all been worth it as I am now a Non-Smoker and loving it x

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