Big Decisions Made

So here I am… the past few weeks have been a time of reflection for me. After the launch of my book I had, what I can only explain as adrenalin drop off. The past twelve months of writing and getting my book to publication was an emotional road. So what I felt and as I wrote in my last blog was that it left me with a hole right in the middle of my gut… not literally ๐Ÿ™‚ but this gaping hole is there and it put me into a state of confusion… What do I do now? What is in store for me? Where do I want to be and What can I do to move forward…ย 

What I realised after spending time with self was that I have never taken time to just BE… yeah just be ME… it has felt that I was always being something for someone… not always bad or negative, but here I was totally lost at what it is I want to do… what is my purpose?… What are my passions in life? The person I was before writing the book is GONE, left inside my book ‘Blonde Roots'. So I am now different, changed from the experience and from the years of working on me… working through chronic pain, working through taking men out of my life so that I could work on me, the soul searching and the emotional releases I have experienced to find the Narelle that was meant for more has me right now at this point of making BIG DECISIONS.

I have tossed this idea in my head for some time, pushing it to the back as I chose to stay here doing what I thought I needed to be doing to help others. However, I can not sit with it any longer… I have cried, I have prayed, I have called out in confusion… WHAT!!!…

I don't understand… I felt frustrated, angry, sad… and many more emotions as my brain was in lock down, sifting through thoughts of the last few years, thinking of what I had endured to get here… right here where I felt little anymore. Questions flooded in and out of my confused brain, trying to fathom the impossible. What the heck was I going to do????

Well, it took a few weeks and the brain is now back to some sort of normally… (yeah, I hear you say… what is normal) but you know what I mean… so hear is the NEWS…

I am selling EVERYTHING… YES everything… my furniture, my beautiful car, my children… hahhaha, ok scrap the last one, but I think you get the idea. AND I am moving to Augathella… ok, ok… Augathella is approx 11hrs west of Brisbane. My two daughters Yolanda and Jannali are moving with me. Big Change… We are going to be living with my sister and her hubby on their 20,000 acre Cattle Property, 40 klms from the nearest town, 15 klms from the nearest neighbour… out in the BUSH.

It was like a weight had been lifted from my chest, so I knew the decision was RIGHT.

I want to write more, I want to take you all with me as I blog about my new journey, the changes I will experience, the photos of some of the beautiful country, the how I'm coping living in the country with so much quietness.

I want to thank each and every one of you for being a big part of my journey so far, your love and support has helped me through many a dark day… my light is shining, but for the first time it is shining on ME…

Keep posted for my blogs and stories along the way by checking in at when you get a few minutes, and follow my journey ๐Ÿ™‚

I will also be putting up a very AMAZING SPECIAL on my book, as I can't take them all with me… so keep an eye out for the updates on that.

Blessings and love to you all.

Narelle xox


  • Good for you Narelle, I truly think that we all need that “me” time to reflect on what it is that “I” want. Doing for everyone else all the time can just take your whole being until you have no more to give, it seems that those of us whom have had it the toughest are the most giving. And while it is a wonderful feeling to give, give, give, it is also refreshing to just “BE”, in the moment, just you! Even if it is just for a little while. I’m sure you are going to come back refreshed and ready to tear the place up with your ideas and enthusiasm. I look forward to your updates.

    Love Sandi x

    • Thank you so much Sandi, I know you understand completely… your journey is beginning and you will grow so much with the release of your book… Love you lots. I will miss everyone also… I have received so much love and support on my journey. Blessings Narelle xox

  • I know how you feel Narelle. I can’t say that I went through what you did but I needed to find ME after the breakup of my first marriage. After years of being a wife, I felt I had lost who I really was. My solution was to sell everything and go overseas. I spent 12 months working and traveling, with no financial burdens. This is what helped me and I prayer that you find what you are looking for.
    I look forward to hearing about your next chapter of your life. Take care and enjoy the BUSH.
    Love Narelle

    • Thank you so much Narelle. The decisions did not come easy, but now with them made, it feels wonderful… thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to sharing more on my journey to ME… Love you and would love to catch up before we go… Blessings Narelle xox

  • Wow Narelle, you will love it out there I reckon and so will the girls. So glad Yolanda is going with you. Hope you find some peace out there and really enjoy it. We will be farm girls together ha ha

    • Hey Jackie, thank you. I reckon it will be a great experience for us all… and yes I am so happy Yolanda is coming also… she already has a job to go to and will have to go out earlier… imagine being almost nineteen and earning $1000 a week…

  • Narelle, it so lovely to see your face pop up, Its Barb your Atlas neck lady who m you visited in Bundaberg.
    I am so sorry I only found the notice of your book launch 10 days ago, as I have been in hospital for the last 20 weeks so happy for you and the girls, what an adventure and what a move Good on you and I know you will enjoy the country. Do hope there is time to actually meet up with before you take off ….Narelle lots of love and every happiness.
    Neck Specialist
    Atlas PROfilax

    • Hello Barbara, wow, I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately… hope you are ok? 20 weeks in hospital… not good… praying for your speedy recovery… I would love to catch up before we go… let me know when you are out of hospital and up for a coffee or lunch… if you like send me a private message through Facebook… Love and blessings. Narelle xox

  • WOW!! Go you honey!! When you know a decision is right, then just do it!! We feel the same way about our decision to move from the Yarra Valley to the Sunny Coast 5 years ago. We knew no one, just knew it was where we wanted to live & it is one of the best choices we ever made.

    Looking forward to hearing all about the adventures!!

    Much love hun xxx

    • Hello Sharon, thank you so much for your lovely message, love and support… it will definitely be an adventure… we are all excited about this new chapter. Blessings Narelle xox

  • Hi Narelle, Congratulations on making the decision to go where the air is clear and where you can breathe in more ways than one. I was raised on a dairy farm and I thank God that I had that upbringing and experience in my life. It is very grounding and strengthening and you will feel this too especially when you have supportive family around you.
    Another chapter will be written in your life and I will look forward to reading all about it soon.
    Go with heart and smiles!!! xxxx

    • Hello Leanne, thank you so much for your lovely message… I was raised on dairy farms also… such a beautiful experience… I am looking forward to spending time with family and really enjoying the wide open spaces… too many bright shiny objects here… plus I will be writing more. Thank you for your continued friendship and support. Blessings Narelle xox

    • Hello Louise, thank you so much, it’s a very exciting time and I can’t wait to share with you my journey along this new path… Much love. Narelle xox

  • Hi Narelle,

    I went through a similar feeling after writing and self publishing my book ‘Beyond Abuse’ 6 years ago…my body made the decision for me…I got quite ill, and it took some time to recover. Congratulations on your positive and exciting times and will look forward to the next part of your journey. Love, light and laughter. Di xx

    • Hello Di, i’ve been meaning to get back to you… thank you for your lovely message. It does take some time for the whole body to recover and making the decision to head out west and take some valuable me time is what my body is saying… It would be lovely to catch up before i go… Much love. Narelle xox

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