Big Beast – Will Travel

img_1445So now with the decision made to go out west to my sister and her hubby's 20,000 acre cattle property, I had to equip myself with a vehicle that would go the long haul… plus the property is a little difficult to get into… no bitumen road once inside the property gate… and my Mazda 6 wasn't going to cut it… in actual fact it would have got ruined.

So I bought myself a 4×4, a Nissan Patrol… never owned a four wheel drive before. I was so excited to be able to get a really nice looking, all I need to go bush vehicle for a great price… For all the adventures that lay ahead of me, and my 2 daughters. Not sure if I'm ready to really go up against this beast in the bush, but it will get me where I need to go.

So I was wondering where would be the best place to go for advise on driving a 4×4… it's not like I can't drive it, I mean I drove 250 ton dump trucks in the coal mines, so this should be simple… right?

So if you have any advise, I would really appreciate it, if you could leave a comment with your advise or experience with driving them… I would greatly appreciate it.

I suppose my biggest concern would be changing a tyre, as I don't even know how to change one on my Mazda… hehehe… RACQ were always my rescuers… I would like to know a little more now though. the vehicle has a CB radio, so at least I have contact with the truckies, if anything does go wrong…

Well, the countdown is on now. The time will fly. I am selling all my furniture also… a really fresh start.

nw-bookcoversquare-01Oh… don't forget my Boot Sale that I'm having as I won't have room to take all my books with me… take a look at the link here to get my book ‘Blonde Roots' at this all time low price.


I look forward to reading your comments and sharing with you all more of my journey forward.


Narelle xox

  • Congratulations Narelle and from someone who has lived all her life in the bush above Augathella (born in Longreach and lived the last 20 yrs out there north of Winton), it is a great decision and the bush can yield many answers .
    I always miss the land and the genuine people out there but certainly not all the very tough times, although they were always backed up by the good ones and I visit each year to get my fill.
    4 wheels drives have always been a part of my life and are very easy to drive and the best thing for where you are heading, tho’ the tyres can be a bit heavy if needing changed, but there is always someone coming along the road to help out if you don’t want to tackle it!!
    They are of course heavier than the average car and thus you can feel it but on the open road they are fabulous.
    Wishing you a great time out there and who knows: I may see you some time or other as I get around and see friends and business colleagues.

    All the best,


    • Hello Jan, thank you so much for your comment… it is lovely to know that you have spent a lot of your time in the country… I love it out there… it is truly amazing country and we are looking forward to the fresh air and quiet… well I am, might take the girls a little longer to get used to 🙂 I loved your words “the bush can yield many answers”
      I am pleased the 4×4 had a CB, as this will having me feeling quite a lot safer… I do hope our paths cross in the outback somewhere… someday. I may even become good at four wheel driving and head further north… or across the top end… lol.

      Love and Blessings
      Narelle xox

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