A smile doesn’t always…

We all know those times when we fake a smile just so others can’t see what we are really feeling. Being strong and choosing to do this is ok, as long as we are not carrying our pain by ourselves for too long. Finding someone we can share with is very important in releasing the […]

You Are Not Alone On This Journey

When you feel you might be doing it all on your own, trust me when I say there are others who not only will be there for you but understand on the same level. You don’t ever have to do anything alone, even though there will be times when only you can make the decisions […]

Healing Is An Unlearning Of Patterns

How long will we continue to do the same things expecting different results? When I was living in domestic violence situations I always thought it would get better, life would change and my world would be all good… but things didn’t change, if anything it got worse. It was me who had to change to […]

Love and Be Loved

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved… it seems simple, right!! But what we have been taught about love may not actually be the way we perceive it to be. In simple terms, love should be something that comes naturally. But what happens when we were not taught about […]

Learn how to say No

How many times have you said yes… when you know you should have said No… or that you felt like you really didn’t want to do something, but you did because that was expected of you.. because you feel if you say no, people will

International Womens Day

Happy International Women’s Day ❤️ You are becoming a woman who loves herself more every day. So don’t give up on the woman you are becoming even though it will get tough at times. I want every woman to know her voice can change the world.

Rise Anyway

As you rise, many people will disapprove, rise anyway. How many times do we feel intimidated by what others think? We listen too much to others and their thoughts on what we should be doing. I believe we have the power within to stand in our own decisions. This is our journey, we have our […]

Greenies Comments On DV Cause Concerns

Greens senator Larissa Waters is distancing herself from comments made by an anti-domestic violence campaigner who claimed men returning from fighting bushfires were more likely to abuse their partners… What?? Honestly!! you are picking on the firies out there who are fighting the most catastrophic fires ever seen here in Australia… know wonder you’ve distanced […]

Christmas… What Does It Mean To You?

So Christmas has just come and gone again for another year. I felt I needed to share some of what this time of year has me feeling and what I’ve observed from others. Christmas a time of giving… not just gifts that cost the earth. I know personally I do not want for gifts that […]

Empowered Women, Empower Women

When we share our story, we allow another safe space to share their story. We are here to share with each other, never to think of just self. We are here to ignite the flame of empowerment within each other. So how does that work, and what are the best ways of helping other women […]