Empowered Women, Empower Women

When we share our story, we allow another safe space to share their story. We are here to share with each other, never to think of just self. We are here to ignite the flame of empowerment within each other. So how does that work, and what are the best ways of helping other women […]

Choices – What Are You Choosing?

One thing I’ve learnt and ladies have shared with me is that even after having health challenges that they see me get back up, time and time again… calling me

What does Relaxing mean to you?

Just recently I’ve had to stop and just be… as I get older it seems the body speaks with a louder voice. If I overdo it, the body shows me in different ways… a pain in the tummy, nerve pain, a slight headache. Can you relate? So what can we do to know when to […]

Instagram, Me, Memories and Doing Better

Who would have thought that I would be doing Instagram, but here I am sharing some of my photos with you all. Going through older photos can bring a smile on ones face and also a few tears of those not with us anymore. I love to see how I’ve grown through the years. Writing […]

My Why…

I was going through some paperwork and this came up from my book launch… It’s my Why. So many beautiful memories. I hope your dreams stay Big, and your worries stay small <3

My Son – Thank You

Well this is just me being thankful and totally grateful for my son who is 31 and is my carer and has been since I had open heart surgery last year… I have no idea where I would be without his love and patience.


♥ ~ Gratitude is not a duty, but we simply can not resist it. The way we choose to perceive life makes all the difference. When we choose to see life as a gift – It Is. When we are grateful, we are alive. Gratitude opens the door to freedom. Being grateful is simple ~ ♥

Do You Make Time For Your Friends

Do you make time for your friends, or are you too busy rushing through life trying to be successful, to be happy, to be thinner, to be prettier, to be richer… It’s like when people go to the doctor and the doctor says… so how are you and people reply, yeah good thanks…?? people are […]

Everyone Is On Their Own Journey

Sometimes we just plant the seed… And as time goes by someone will come along to water that seed. The right person at the right time. We are not here to fix everyone’s problems… We are here to experience love So next time you find yourself in a situation where you feel the need to […]

Time For Change

I believe we all helping our fellow man/woman/child by showing love, sharing our knowledge and being real. However, we are not always able to help everyone. I have pulled away from FB, because living in a virtual world is not always good for the soul. I want to talk with people face to face. The […]