Flood Relief – Narelle Style

Well here I am to share with you the horrendous happenings with the floods in Bundaberg. The remainder of what was left from cyclone Ozwald has devastated the whole east coast of Australia. I feel for not only those who have lost everything in Bundaberg, but for all those people affected by these 2013 floods… Very sad indeed…

This time though it has been closer to home… my sister and her hubby having the flood waters rush through their home at North Bundaberg, as the banks of the Burnett River broke not being able to contain such a large amount of water coming down from further up the coast when they were inundated with heavy rain… the hardest part for them is the fact they were stuck in Brisbane so they couldn't even get anything out… everything still in their home, a car under the house, a caravan in the yard, his power tools, the washing machine and right down to even having washing on the line under their home… but not only bundyflood4that they have no idea as to how far the water has come up into their home… a beautiful old Queenslander…

My niece also has had water into their lovely brick home… how much we don't know. This devastation will cause many to go into a state of depression as they realise exactly how much they have lost. Things they have worked for all of their lives… gone. They say that when people suffer through such devastation it makes them stronger, but I can tell you this will break some, because they were just getting back on their feet from the last flood in 2011.

Now the waters have started to go down. What mess lays beneath… the mud, trees, branches, rotting food, carpets and quite surely infection from all of them… I am going to head up to Bundaberg to help, not only with the clean up, but to lend my shoulder, as I'm sure many will need comforting. It's been really difficult for me as I felt so disconnected from the people I love, from the city I call home.

bundyflood2What I want to do to help in the best way I can is offer a significant proportion of my book sales to the Bundaberg Flood relief – Narelle Style. So please help me to help them all get back on their feet. 7,000 people are in evacuation centres or with family or friends, but some will have nowhere to go. Those who were renting, those with no insurance and the elderly. Who will help them?

I can only do so much, so I am calling on your compassion toward another human being… please help… give what you can afford, if it means giving up a cuppa each day, doing without something little… taking what you have in a piggy bank… I can tell you every donation will help.

Please find below the 3 choices you have to help contribute in some way… The more books that are sold, the more it will help with the rebuilding for these people…

Just consider what it would be like to lose everything… I am holding back tears as I write this… Bundaberg is where I was born. My home town. I was living there in the 2011 floods which devastated many. This flood was much bigger… Schools under water, businesses who may not be able to afford to open their doors again. Please I beg of you to dig deep and help with purchasing Blonde Roots so that bundyflood3together we can all help.

Many head of cattle were lost, however it made me smile to see these few on higher ground >>>>

My family have lived through many floods, when we were growing up on dairy farms… I remember my dad diving in the water to save the cows that had been washed downstream, see this is their livelihood… he tried so hard to unhook their heads from the trees to save them… many cattle were also lost in this flood…

So please dig deep…

I send my heartfelt prayers to all those affected.

Blessings and love to you all.

Narelle xox



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  • Hi Narelle,

    Over the next month, we are going to be eliminating a lot of furniture, as two homes become one. I would be more than happy to pass it onto Bundaberg. Can you let me know if you hear of anyone travelling to Bundaberg that could pickup from Sunshine Coast? I will look at other options to get it there too. You were the first one I thought of when the tragedy hit, and I’m sorry to hear that loved ones are affected. My heart and prayers go out to them. Krishna xxx

    • Hi Krishna, sorry for the late reply. Thank you for being so generous in sending the furniture through to the people of Bundaberg… it is a very sad sight up there and it will take some people years to recover… once again thank you from the people of Bundaberg… it will certainly help those in need. Much love. Narelle xox

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