Greenies Comments On DV Cause Concerns

Greens senator Larissa Waters is distancing herself from comments made by an anti-domestic violence campaigner who claimed men returning from fighting bushfires were more likely to abuse their partners…

What?? Honestly!! you are picking on the firies out there who are fighting the most catastrophic fires ever seen here in Australia… know wonder you've distanced yourself from comments… What do you think this does for the morale of our firefighters??

When, in fact, traumatic incidences like the fires, the droughts and the floods in previous years, alcohol and drug addictions etc all cause years of psychological concerns for those who have been affected in these areas… I'm sorry… but I truly don't understand your comments about this, are you and your greenie friends out there on the front line, consoling and comforting these men and women, so that they know and feel they have somewhere to turn, someone to listen to them about everything they've had to endure or have seen… because believe you me, I'm sure they have seen far more than what is being shown on tv or mentioned on radios.

Instead of thinking you're doing some good by stating that out loud. Maybe you should actually start to be active in bringing about change. What are you doing for those subjected to domestic violence? How is your anti-domestic violence campaign going? because I believe you would have to live in the desert with your head stuck in the sand to not be aware of DV.

So my question again is… what is being done… because whatever it is you are doing… is not working… That's right NOT working. May I make a suggestion… Maybe assisting those men and women who have lived through DV, and come out the other side are the real people who can help… the ones with real-life experience… not just coming from some book about how things should look… but the ones who know what it's truly like to live in the fear… the ones who want to bring hope and encouragement to so many more.

Counsellors, social workers, psychiatrists etc are and can be of great help, however, have a look at the waiting times to get an appointment… those in DV relationships, or those who, like our firefighters will need a place to go to talk through what they've seen, will need help NOW… help for not just a few sessions, but sometimes years of help. Again I ask… what are you doing? So let's leave the firies out of this and stop trying to make what's happening in our beloved Australia some sort of win for your campaign… Anyway… that's just my opinion.