Healing Is An Unlearning Of Patterns

How long will we continue to do the same things expecting different results?
When I was living in domestic violence situations I always thought it would get better, life would change and my world would be all good… but things didn't change, if anything it got worse. It was me who had to change to make my world change. The old patterns I carried in me, no longer served me to love me more… see I grew up in the era of push it under the carpet, just get over it, or just told to harden up.
Let me say You are worthy of better, You are worthy of true love, and You are Enough.

Take a moment to look at the patterns you keep repeating and ask yourself is it time to make the changes needed. You are not alone, however, it is only you who can smash those old patterns to bring about a massive change in your life now… Don't leave it too long. Begin to love yourself more Today, and break free from the old patterns.

“Healing is an unlearning of patterns.”