I Quit Smoking Week 3 – The Cravings Return

The days turn into weeks

 Week 3

Wow how time is flying…the days are getting longer, my cravings are still apart of my life, I seem to be finding it harder and harder, I just want one cigarette, surely one won’t hurt…

but I don’t…

I feel my emotions are starting to take over again…why now? 

I am feeling a little lost and alone…I’ve become a recluse. Trapped in my own home.

Please, Can Someone Give Me A Cigarette

I am staying home to not have to deal with other smokers and have become lonely…I just don't want to talk to anyone…I want the pain to go away…if this is what it is like to lose your best friend, then I hope I die before them, so I don't have to go through such heartache…I didn't know it was going to be this hard, but it's been three whole weeks…I can't stop now, then I would have to go through all of this anguish again…I know I couldn't do that. Life's is tough and my emotions are playing havoc with me…I am angry, and I am afraid to deal with anyone…I want to make them hurt. Why am i feeling like this???

My children are here, but they can see that I am still trying to cope with quitting…I know they love me and want what’s best for me, but they stay right away from me, my youngest is finding this hard, i know she wants to cuddle me, and make her mum feel good, but i don't want to be near anyone right now…. I just need a cigarette…honestly, just one cigarette…please…

I decide I need to do something nice just for me, so I book in for a pedicure and massage, will this help?

The massage and Pedicure helped for a short time, at this moment I need one of these a day…when will I begin to feel like me again?