I Quit Smoking Week One

Week one

Every day I find myself filling the cravings with food, it is ok though as I knew I would put on some weight, I just want to be careful that it’s not too much as then I will have to think about the addiction to food…the cravings keep coming, but they are gone before I know it…this is great…I am starting to feel ok.

People say I will taste food better and be able to smell things better…but I don’t believe that…I have quit twice before and it never made anything taste or smell better…I thought by now I would be coughing up black stuff, but nothing, maybe it takes longer than a week to get it off the lungs!

Food Glorious Food!

I am still needing to sleep more, but am coping ok…this hypnosis really does work…

I used to go out the back and smoke, and sometimes I find myself making a cup of tea and going out to the same place…It’s strange, because the ashtrays are all gone, there is nothing for me to do there now…sometimes I would have my cuppa, read a magazine and have a few smokes just to relax a bit…

I suppose I will have to find something else to do to relax now…and I hope it’s not by eating more food…lol

One whole week, I can't believe it…