I’m Now A Non-Smoker, 7 Months On

Does time move faster as we age?

Well here I am at long last, time has certainly been rushing passed.  Can you believe it has been 7 months, since I decided to take my life back into my own hands, and say NO to smoking. I thought you might like to know how I have been feeling within those 7 months.

I thought once I had given away the smokes I would be coughing up all the gunk off my lungs… it didn't happen, I thought I would be able to get rid of the weight I had put on from all the cravings and withdrawals, that hasn't happened either.

Enough Is Enough

What has happened though is me finally feeling that Enough is Enough, I can't go on like this…making good choices had not come easy when I was trying to cope with everything else…writing my book and the emotional releases and now feeling more like a buffed up beached whale had me really thinking about the changes I needed to make to compliment who I am now, I mean why put myself through hell with quitting smoking and releasing if it didn't mean I felt better about it all!

So I have decided to do something about it…I went to the doctor yesterday and he has recommended a dietician to help get me on track. (I'm a type 2 diabetic as well) I know deep down what I am supposed to do. My deep inner voice says…Good Nutritional Food and Exercise.

So here goes, let's see how it all goes. I see the dietician this coming friday and then changes will start to happen, it's not as if I'm not strong enough…right?

So follow me here to keep up to date on my health and weight loss and getting my sugar diabetes back on track.

One thing I have learnt is that with good support we can do anything.

Love and Blessings to you all.

Narelle x

  • Get rid of the weight? No, that definitely didn’t happen for me; but gotta say I feel a hell of a lot better for giving them up… almost 2 years now. Love it.

    • Thanks Paul, I do feel better also, but I put on 7kgs, which didn’t help with keeping my diabetes under control…so now i am feeling better and not craving I decided it’s best to take some of this excess weight off…Thank for your comment and choosing to be a Non-Smoker 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing the start of your journey (well, this part of it anyway) with us Narelle. I gave up smoking 20 years ago, but it took 6 serious attempts to do it. I have also been neglecting my body lately with poor diet, and I’m beginning to feel the affects, so I am looking to your for some inspiration!! Big blesssings, Krishna xx

    • Hi Krishna, thanks for your comment, this is my third time…and it was huge stress that sent me back to smoking, so I’m hoping that all of the past stresses are now gone having written my autobiography…Yes poor diet is not good. I’m going to start by putting on my runners in the morning, that way i will go for a walk throughout the day…I am buying more fruit and vegies, and just looking at what I’m putting in my mouth…better choices…but the hardest thing is my 2 daughters, my daughter in law and I are off on a P&O cruise in 12 days…will be careful…but honestly…a cruise…no cooking…hahaaha. lucky I’m only just looking at changes now…will start fully when we return from the cruise 😕

  • Hi Narelle

    Thats a great achievement well done and keep it up, you have a life to live and you help so many around the world so be healthy and show others how you did it.

    Good luck for when you launch your new book and thank you for your help you have always given me with
    your great words of wisdom and advice.

    we are going strong with our homeless work in the UK and we thank you for believing in us and your continuous support.

    Much love always

    Mark and Amanda Jones

    • Hello Mark and Mandie, thank you so much for your words of support and kindness. The journey to continues and I am looking forward to helping many when my book is launched. I am glad I can be of some assistance with helping the homeless…If people want to check out how you are helping out the homeless they can check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/294934877244940/ maybe there are people here who would like to help also. Take care and thanks again for all your love and support. xoxox

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