Is Everything OK?

Your kids are now young adults, their lives are busy, far too busy to worry about their  mum, far too busy to see you are slowly falling  apart, far too busy to see you screaming out for someone to listen to you… to talk with you and  just ask that question… Is Everything OK?

You see the world changing…all this new technology stuff has everyone becoming so  distant, uncaring, non-communicative, where people once wrote letters and rang to say hello… you find empty letterboxes and friends that have distanced themselves  because of your marriage breakdown.

What happened to the world you used to know? Where it was normal to smile at a stranger, to send a bunch of flowers for no reason, to write a friend a letter, to pick up the phone and call and tell someone you love them. To just be thankful and full of Gratitude.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a group of ladies who have and are going through these same thoughts day in, day out…Who want to see changes and make the world a better place, a place to share the Love, the Respect, the values of yesteryear?


  • You have truly shared your heart Narelle, I think a lot of people understand where you are coming from and what you are getting at. Here’s to your success. Is everything Ok is only a small sentence but means a loy to those having a rough time.
    Stay Awesome and share the love.

    • Thank you so much Konrad, your words mean so much to me, it has been a tough journey, but having friends like you makes it that bit easier…Love and Blessings to you…Because I care. Narelle x

  • Your blog is so important Narelle, and is a raw and honest account of your “feelings” as you stop sucking in smoke and start breathing air.

    You are allowing the feelings to come up now instead of sucking them back in. As a qualified Breathworker, I learned that often babies that nearly choked on the chord at birth or got stuck during the birthing procedure or were choking due to an obstruction in their throats at birth, more often ended up smoking in the adolescent to adult years.

    Also Children who had food stuffed down their throats (forced to eat) or could never vent their anger safely also grew up to become smokers so you see, a lot of emotion is going to come spilling up and out when you stop smoking!

    So instead of Dis-easing the body you are easing out the emotion.

    Great courage you have there Narelle. I gave up smoking for a life of fitness at 23yrs young. I remember going out with friends 6 months into the non smoking life and smelling the cigarettes being puffed around me. I had a craving so I took an unlit cigarette out of the carton, and chewed the tobacco at the total disbelief of my friends…. but hey, it was foul and I never wanted to touch a cigarette again… it did the trick!

    • Dear Elly, thank you so much for your comment. It is amazing how I felt after reading your words on how smoking keeps us sucking everything back in…I have released so much since I stopped smoking…I was born bum first, so it was not a pleasent experience for my mum or me either I presume…they had to suck a lot of stuff out of my throat when i was born as I had swallowed heaps…and I was born naturally…So I can see why perhaps then that I have always kept things deep inside…thank you so much for your words…Appreciate your friendship. Because I Care, Narelle x

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