It Is Finally Here – Blonde Roots

All I can say is woohoo… the book, my book… my autobiography is finally finished. Yes the book that I've been talking about writing for a few years now… is done. If I had of known at the start how long this process would take, well I may not have ever started. So you might be asking why did it take so long to get to this point…

Well when I started to write my life story over 3yrs ago I found the tears just took over… Ok, so there were a lot of feelings/stories I had withheld from people in my life for a very long time. How was I ever going to be able to write my story with the emotions it needed for others to understand the depth of my pain and how after all I had suffered through had found…my light at the end of the tunnel… I had to put it aside for a couple of years, until it became clear to me that my purpose was to help others break through and find their light at the end of their tunnel… to do this I needed to write my story.

It took me six long months of writing and then a further 6 months of editing and proofreading to make sure I had covered as much as I could that you the reader would be taken on a Real and Raw journey of the adversities, the good times and finally, the triumph over this lifetime of pain… well in actual fact it felt more like five lifetimes of pain in this one lifetime.

I love all the support I have been getting along this journey, from my wonderful family and friends, the new people coming into my life. The endless possibilities are opening up to me so that I can help others, but not just me… my story was written so that others may find where they are in their lives, are you stuck? Do you know someone who would benefit from reading my story, and knowing there are others who are suffering also… or who have suffered but have come through the other side and want these people to know it CAN be done, with love and support, with a hand to hold, with an ear to listen and with a heart to understand.

I move forward with a sense of gratitude that all my experiences have helped me to now be living my purpose… I found the real me again, and I love me for who I am. It is exciting times now as I prepare to share my story, my journey with the world. I look forward to hearing you feedback once you've read Blonde Roots – One Woman's Triumph Over Five Lifetimes Of Pain.

Blessings Narelle x

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