Journey To The Centre Of My Soul

For some time now I have been writing my book so that I may help others. The process has been far more impacting than I ever thought.

Let me share a little of this journey with you

Back in 2005 I landed a job in the Coal mines, west of Mackay. It was a joyous occasion as I had been trying to survive for too long as a Single mum on not nearly enough to survive (Centrelink payments), don't get me wrong I appreciated the payments   but they just never ever lasted long enough and I felt that certain stigma associated with being a single mum. I had worked hard all my life, even owned my own businesses and here I was after much trauma in my life, barely surviving!

I was very successful at driving the trucks even after having to deal with the male dominance. But there I was working for the biggest mining magnate in the world, bringing in, in excess of over one hundred thousand dollars a year. I had succeeded at providing for myself and my children. Then came that crashing down accident that sent me into turmoil. Yes I was the victim of a workplace accident that rendered me useless, stricken with a perferated disc in my neck and severe whiplash. I hit rock bottom. Depression set in as my young children became my carers. No mother ever expects her children to be looking after her when they are still so young. My youngest was only 7 yrs old at the time.

I started going on the computer, just to play games. It was a way of me escaping some of the hurt. I knew little about this virtual world, I even had my son write down the meanings to such things as lol, brb, tc, ty and many others… that's how new I was at this. That was 2007 and my life was to be filled with Chronic pain for over 4 years.

The time I had, not being able to do anything, had me starting to think back over my life. See I had lived through so much hurt and pain already, that this started the journey within… why had I made so many mistakes over the years? Why did I chose bad relationships over and over and over again. I started to question all sorts of things about my life and realised that men had played such a bit part of the hurt, so I removed them. Yes, for the past almost 5 yrs I have not been in any relationship with men… I know… hard to fathom, huh.

Not only did I start my inner journey, I started researching health products that could help with my pain… I knew the doctors prescribed painkillers weren't doing me much good and were not working. I really wanted to try and find a healthier option. I did find that product and approx 8 months ago I found something that helped. I started to feel life was worth living. I felt re-born as I began to think further ahead than just the next day. I decided it was time to share my life story, so that I might help others.

Little did I know that writing about my life was going to start an avalanche of emotion. Six months it took. Crying for 3 days at a time in a fetal position, with my daughters looking on and wondering why there mum was so upset and stressed. I looked at them through my blurred red eyes and told them Mummy needs to let this go, please just love me and allow mummy time to heal. They were so wonderful in those days, with understanding and love in their hearts. Just as they have always been there to love me unconditionally. I have been truly blessed with such beautiful, caring children. 

There are some stories in my book that I have not shared with anyone, these were the hardest to write about… having to relive those times of abuse was so difficult. I want you all to know that by allowing the hurt to surface and be written down, has been so cathartic. I began to heal old wounds and it felt good. Learning how to love oneself again, trusting myself with decisions and allowing myself to take the time to heal from the heart. I spent hours researching positive quotes, these made me feel better, and if they made me feel better then maybe they would help others feel better. So I began to share them on Facebook and found another world of people full of love and pain. As I started to share my journey amongst my friends I could feel there pain… not knowing who or what to turn to.

I realised if I could put together a Workshop that could help these ladies understand where they were sitting within their hurt, then that would be beneficial for all. Every single one of us learning from each other. I also believed some women need a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen, so I am starting a consulting/mentoring from the heart program, and in the near future I would love to be standing on stage able to inspire others coming through adversities.

My book is just the beginning, a platform, so that others may see a light shining at the end of their tunnel. It is Time for us to share with each other to comfort and support. By sharing my life story I know this will help many others wanting to start their journey to a brighter future.

I send you all Love and Blessings

Narelle x

  • Thank you for sharing with us. I look forward to reading your book and to seeing the future results of your work. I am sure you will be a hope to many x

    • Valeu ,acho que vale a pena mesmo quando passamos pelo sofrimento e dor,nos faz ter mais força,coragem e mais ainda ver quem são nossos amigos nessa hora e ver muito além a nossa crença e fé em DEUS, parabéns por compartilhar o teu livro com a gente e abençoada semana.

      • English Translation: Thanks, I think it’s worth it when we go through suffering and pain, makes us more strength, courage and even more to see who are our friends this time and see beyond our belief and faith in God, congratulations on your book share with us and blessed week.

        Thank you Reginia, I appreciate you comment. Blessings Narelle 🙂

    • Thank you Paulette, It brings me great joy knowing I will help many others to shine 🙂 Blessings Narelle.

    • Hi Annabel, thank you so much for your message. I loved driving those big trucks… it was a great achievement, it has taken some time since the accident to be able to do much at all, these are very exciting times for me… Blessings, Narelle 🙂

  • That is an inspiring story, Narelle. You are blessed for having those wonderful children. Your strength and courage are amazing and I really appreciate you sharing this with us.


    • Thanks Madonna, I am truly blessed with my children in so many ways. I was told when I was 21 that my chances of having children were only 5% after being born with a uterine abnormality, so they all mean so much to me. They have been my inspiration to writing my Autobiography, so that I may help others. Blessings Narelle 🙂

  • Good for you Narelle!!
    Helping is what we’re here to do and it sounds like you have BIG plans for that! WOW!! Thanks for being brave enough and strong enough to have taped a path for others.

    Love ya,

  • I read the sneak peek of your book and I am looking forward to reading the rest. Proud of you Narelle. Hugs Narelle

  • interesting story and it amazes me on how you survive it all. can’t believe someone as strong as you existed! couldn’t imagine how someone could go through all that painful stuff and be able to talk about it as if it never happened to you. things happen for some reasons you know, someone as intelligent and beautiful as you, no doubt you surpass it all. you really are an inspiration!

    • Hi Judy, thank you so much for your loving and supportive words. Life certainly has had its twists and turns. Blessings Narelle x

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