Lessons To Learn

I have to say that I have learn't many lessons in my life, so many that one has to ask… how many more lessons can one person learn. I want to stay away from that thought though as someone told me recently that we bring into our lives what we most dread or think about… So what I say instead is… I cherish every new challenge that comes into my life as a lesson. It's because of these lessons that I am able to help others. How can I truly empathise with others when I have not lived through the experience?

So how do we choose to make better choices. What makes us act upon something quick without thinking, or make decisions after going through everything ten times… do you find yourself doing that? Asking everyone you know for their opinions on something, mulling it over and over in your head, and then not really knowing what choice to make.

The more we ask others, the more we share our concerns… the more likely we are to never making the decision that is right for us. Sure we have to learn by our mistakes, but wouldn't it be better if we could make all of our decisions with more ease?

I want to ask you if you would try something for me? Would you be willing to let your heart rule in the decision making? Just for a week or so? Yes I know your head is like having a mental flip out at present, just of the thought that you would let your heart rule the decision making  🙂 and what makes me say this, well it's how I am applying this in my own life. 

Yes, it is true. I have started to allow my heart to rule more of my decisions and you know what in the beginning it was hard, my head wanted to rule, but I felt my head was making every decision on calculations associated with lots of questions… will this work for me? what will others think? what if I fail? The one thing I found was that when it was right for me, when it came from my heart, when it made me smile and my thoughts were happy. I knew I had made the right decision.

A decision from the heart will never do you wrong, well almost never… it allows you to make the decision from LOVE, like I said if it feels right, then 95% of the time it will be the right decision for you. Ok there may just be a few that sneak through, because your head is still fuming you let heart make most of the decisions… lol

I also know that some people who read this will not understand why I let my heart make the decisions. I allowed my head to make the decisions for too long… I felt anger, resentment, frustration and even guilt as my head took me through all these scenarios of what the outcome would be… but if I spent some quiet time thinking about the decision at hand… allowed my heart to sit with it, allowed my heart to process it. The outcome was 99% of the time the best choice for me.

Don't allow others to make your choices for you. Stand strong in the knowledge that you are able to make your own choices/decisions. Don't make people your scapegoat. Stand up for your belief in yourself.


“Everything works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out yet, then it's not the end.”  – Tracy McMillan


Have a Wonderful week and remember to give your Heart a Chance


Narelle x




  • What an inspirational post Narelle. I have been letting my heart make my decisions for the past few years and it really had led to into a journey of living my Truth. The interesting thing I have found is that it has led me to increasing consistent peace and joy even while my outside world has gone through a gradual process of falling apart as the valueless drops away.

    • Thanks Gavin, It takes a bit to learn this lesson, but once achieved…well it just makes more sense to listen to our heart and make the choices we need to make with love…Thank you so much for your comment. I will endeavour to have a look at your blog also. Blessings Narelle

  • After my divorce many years ago I realised I had been living by the rules of my head. In my sadness I remember sitting at the end of my bed one day and swearing that from now on I would only follow my heart. To start with I wasn’t really sure how to listen to my heart so I mixed up the signals from my heart and my emotions. Needless to say the first year was full of drama and heartbreak. Then I learnt to tell the difference and the more I followed my heart the better life became. Now I am so used to following my heart that I can no longer ignore it, sometimes this means making decisions that my upbringing doesn’t agree with. It is is worth it though because life is an experience and we experience through our heart <3 Lovely post.

    • Thanks so much for sharing apart of your story Kama, it can be difficult for others to understand that coming from the heart is something that can change things around so quickly. It all takes time and sometimes tears and heartache, but the decision once made from the heart, will be easier to accept, because it comes from a place of love…Blessings
      Narelle x

  • Narelle,

    A nice share. I question however your thoughts, “we bring into our lives what we most dread or think about…” and wonder if stuff happens just because stuff happens. Oftentimes it has nothing to do with us “bringing” it into our lives.


    • Hi Paul,
      I agree, sometimes stuff happens, just because stuff happens. I was just saying in my blog that I was staying away from that thought, as someone had said we bring into our lives what we dread or perhaps even dwell on and maybe I could have expanded on that a little more…I suppose what I was saying is, it is better to have the positives in our lives and not dwell on the negatives…I know for sure if I dwell too long on the negatives it makes me feel heavy, where as if I dwell on the positives and let my heart rule…I feel light and full of gratitude. Blessings Narelle 🙂

  • Wow, finally someone says it like it is. Congratulations!!!!!!! All I can say is “MORE” please. And yes, stand in your own truth and be proud and don’t be afraid to stand out.xo

    • Thanks Ceinie, it is a great feeling when one is able to come from the heart. Thank you for your lovely comment. I have just written my Autobiography and look forward to sharing it with the world soon. Blessings Narelle x

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