Life Is A Process: Are Your thoughts And Actions Aligned

How many times have you heard this said?

Life IS a Process, so how do we go about making choices in our lives knowing or feeling that each one we make will lead us along the right path or having us heading in the right direction toward what we want in life.

I feel lately that life is full of processes and I have had my fair share of life choices, but one thing I know for sure is that from working through each process… we grow. Sometimes it takes a couple of times to relive or go through the process again and again but in different ways until we finally come through and know that the processing had actually worked.

Meaning of Process: A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result.

So let's talk about our thought processes. What is the Key to Understanding Your Thought Process….

Do you know what the majority of your thoughts are? Are they Positive or Negative? Can you tell if your dominant thoughts are positive or negative by how you Feel.

Your feelings – your emotions – are your inner guidance system. So what thoughts are going through your head every waking moment and what processes are you applying. Are you able to just let your thoughts be? Or are we filling our heads with way too much or things we don't really need to be wasting time on. How do we decide which thoughts we give our time to?

Thinking allows us to make sense the world in different ways, and to interpret it in ways that are significant to us. Needs, attachments, objectives, plans, commitments, ends and desires.



So how are we then to get our thoughts aligned to our feelings?

You need to spend time each day imaging your goals are already fulfilled, Feel it, smell it and breath in how it feels to you. We must be aware that negatives can come in quite quickly if we are not regularly thinking about how those thoughts are aligned with what we are doing. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to make sure your thoughts and actions are aligned:

  • What is going on around you, your surroundings?
  • What does your life look like, are you feeling positive, negative or stressed?
  • Who is there with you? Are they positive or negative?

Can you see that those outside influences can take us away from our direction… our goals in life. What we must do to achieve having the positives in our lives is to make time for them… pencil 5 mins every couple of hours in to your diary/your daily routine. Close your eyes and visualise the wonderful, positive feeling you felt when you first sat down and worked out what it is you want in life… this is different for each and every one of us of course. Remember to feel it, smell it and just sit with it. Also making sure you are taking a quick look at how your thoughts are aligning with your actions.

I have had so many processes to go through with writing my Autobiography and found by sitting with the ideas and thoughts that came in to my head and allowing myself to sit with these for a couple of days… and allow the decision to come from my heart that the processes become easier and easier.

Let me know how you go with just allowing yourself to take those few extra moments each day to think of the positives and realign your thoughts and actions. I wonder how you will feel in a week?



Narelle x


  • Hi Narelle

    I found this article really useful.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you, Yolanda, Janelli and your Son (sorry I can’t remember his name) are all well.

    Can’t wait to read your Autobiography! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Gloria, We are all doing very well and excited about the book launch 🙂 It’s a shame you don’t live closer so you could have attended. Love and Blessings Narelle x

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