Positive or Negative -Which one are you Choosing?

The older I get the more I have come to realize how strong a connection there is between our thoughts and our words. I truly believe that this connection is a very important part of what we can learn in our lives.

Many people's problems are in the way they think, which could actually produce a lot of the problems they experience.

So what are some of the thoughts that enter your…head daily, hourly or even every minute of a day?


Here are a few of the most common negative thoughts that I have experienced or I hear others say…

  • I'm not good enough
  • I haven't got enough money
  • I fear judgement
  • My friends are so much smarter than I am
  • I can't change
  • I will do it when I am… more financial, have more time, have the right partner…

I believe we all live through areas in our lives where we are challenged in our thoughts on many of these. So what can we do to stop the negative chatter in our minds. How can we turn a negative into a positive?

One of the things I learnt when I was going through difficulties in my life was to try and find more positive people to hang around. I found that if I stayed in negative situations then negative seemed to follow me around… as if attached to me somehow. I started just by looking at my surroundings, the people that were in my life, the thoughts I allowed on a daily basis, the way I looked at others, and also the way I looked at me. Things began to change a little when I started to change my thoughts and my words, and instead of thinking how bad off I was, or how much money I didn't have or how my friends acted or how I compared myself to others…and the way I spoke about these things, well, there was a shift in my perception.

Slowly I began to take on a different outlook about my world… I knew it was only me that could change the way I lived. It was not up to others to change my world… it was up to ME.

I would like to share some of the things I started to change in my life, some of the things even though small I started to do.

  • Smiling at strangers
  • Giving when I could
  • Laughing out loud
  • Doing something for me at least once a month
  • liking what I saw in the mirror
  • Appreciating the small things in life
  • Loving my kids even more

And that's when I really started to see the changes. I felt their was a brighter future for myself and my kids. People started smiling back at me. Family and Friends would help me with some time out for a good old fashioned belly laugh, I took some time out just for me, even if it was just a walk around the shops… a coffee. See as little as these things might seem, it got me out of my own head… it stopped the negative chatter and made me realise that I could do and be anything I wanted to. I just had to stay positive… I just had to remember how very blessed I am in my life to have experienced it all, and that there are others out there so far worse off than me… by putting things in perspective… I was amazed at how quickly things began to change.

Today I am an Author, Speaker and PrivateEar. Without taking a good, long, hard look at my life, my surroundings, my way of thinking.. I might very well have been stuck for a lot longer in my own negativity… What are your thoughts? Negative or Positive. Honestly, give it a go… and watch how fast your life can change for the better.



Narelle x

  • Hi Narelle,
    Awesome Post and a life changer shared!!! I realize with every word you share they are creations of the gold you mined that was created through your journey of life. There have been many lives lost in gold mines, some are still buried and forgotten, underground mining is a hidden work like what goes on within people, by taking your advice others to can have that gold.

    In Appreciation Konrad

    • Wow, thanks Konrad, It definitely helps when we share our thoughts and feelings… for the good of helping others. Blessings Narelle x

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