Talk About Good Things Coming Into My Life

Hello my friends and thank you for being so patient waiting for this blog.

You see time has been going passed very quickly, the tears that I have cried while writing my book has been like filling an ocean, at times spending days in bed not being able to stop crying and just allowing my body to release all the hurt that I have kept within for many decades.

I had no idea that this would be the biggest and hardest time in my life, see I quit smoking just as I starting writing my book, with no emotional crutch, how was I going to cope.

But, after 22 weeks I can say I feel more alive and cleansed than I have ever felt in my life…a friend of mine said to me the other evening, that my face was looking so much better, where there were once bags under my eyes, he could see that these were now gone and that my skin has a certain shine…no more toxins in my skin, was my remark…and it felt so good to have someone see the new ME starting to shine through.

One Day I Would Be An inspiration To Many


See I was meant for greater things in life, even having to live through so many adversities, I knew one day I would be an inspiration to many…but I had to go through all the pain first…One can not really begin to help, if one does not truly understand what the other is coping with, so without going through everything I have…I wouldn't be the woman I am today.

My book will make you cry as it takes you on a journey, my journey, my living hell for a long time. Remember that I am here today and it is because of the uncanny ability to turn every negative into a positive which when in those darkest hours would have been easier to just no longer exist. With all my inner strength I kept moving forward even if at times the road was full of bumps, even when at times I could no longer see a road in front of me…I knew i just had to forge on.

There were even times when I was not a likeable person, but that was the least of my worries, and even when people didn't like me, at least I was getting some attention…someone actually cared…

I would like you to read my book and walk in my shoes for a few chapters, see if any of my life stories resonate with your own life. Don't be afraid to let these feelings out. Really look at how these feelings make you feel, what can you do to change the way you feel, is it the first time you have ever shared these stories with anyone…

Allow and just Be, sometimes we may not have even allowed these thoughts to come forward, remember when the time is right for you to release and move forward, you will need all the support you can get…

If you feel there is anything you would like to talk about or feel there is something you would like me to talk about, please leave a message below.

Because I Care

Narelle x





  • Hi Narelle

    I think you are awesome, we can’t wait for you to finish your book and have a good read, i know you have had to recall some terrible experiences and hopefully you can help other people who have or are at this very time going through what you have been through.

    Your one strong lady and i admire what you have now achieved and many more will now benefit so much from your new book.

    Hopefully this year we will fly over and catch up a little more, seems ages from when we last met and your truthfulness and honesty in everything is amazing.

    Much love always

    The Joneses

    United Kingdom

    • Hello Mark, thak you so much for your beautiful words…it has certainly been an emotional journey, but I am growing stronger every day. Not long now before the writing will be finished then the book will be sent off to the editor, then I’m off to my sisters for a week over easter…It will be so nice to just sit and relax out in the country…Love to you, Mandie and the family. I can’t wait to meet them all and see you again…you do a marvellous job feeding those less fortunate…Love and Blessings to you. Narelle xoxox

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