The Book Cover Choice

So finally we have narrowed the Book Covers down to two. Can you help me to decide which is the better of the two?

This has been an emotional journey and I am making some final decisions now about how the book will look, I want to thank you all for being a part of this journey and showing your love and support, however I still can't decide, but I do have a preference and I will share that with you a little later.

I'm really happy with the way both of them came up and the way they show two totally different aspects of how the book will look. I have to consider lots of things with the book cover, like how it will look on the shelves of book stores, what would best suit to have the book picked up and read as well as ensuring that the image and words convey what the book is about.

For now I would really appreciate a simple comment and suggestion as to which of the Book Covers you like and why?

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    • Hi Paul, thank you so much for your comment. I will be taking on board your selection and making a choice over the next couple of days. Blessings Narelle

    • Thanks so much Kama, I appreciate your selection and I will be making a choice over the next few days. Love and Blessings. Narelle x

  • Both books covers give a different vibe that I know is reflected in your book, from having worked on it with you. Like Kama said, that first one is reflecting ….. but it could also be looking forward! No. 2 reflects you now – in your raw honesty, that has a touch of pain, for sure, coming through. Your hair is back on one side, showing you are brave and now revealing all to move forward. The hair down on the other side, slightly covering the side of your face shows that is protecting you in your vulnerability. Well done, Narelle. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Thanks so much Wendy, I appreciate your views on both the Book Covers, the comments have been varied and it is interesting to see what others like. I will be making a decision over the next few days… Blessings Narelle x

  • I would take number two. The layout catches one’s attention better, and then the picture lures one in to wanting to know more.

    • Hello Kathryn, I appreciate your comment and time and look forward to sharing with you once the decision has been made. Blessings Narelle x

  • Hi Narelle, I haven’t been around on here much as I haven’t been well, it’s been a privilege as you have shared the journey with us in putting your book together. I really like the 1st cover, it shows you looking out into the future and beyond.

    Cheers Konrad

  • Hi Narelle

    Thanks for sharing your Book Covers with us.

    My Vote would go to the Cover on the Right. However, my Boyfriend Mike Votes for the Cover on the Left.

    Hope you and all your family are well.

    Can’t wait to read your Autobiography.


    • Hello Gloria and Mike, thank you both so much for sharing your preferences here. I’m getting closer to making a decision 🙂 We all all great here. I am so looking forward to the launch and letting you all know when the book will be ready for Sale. Much love. Narelle x

  • Hi Narelle, I actually like both of them equally for different reasons. I like the way you are looking forward from the side in the first one but feel more of your face should be showing to personalize it. I like the one on the right because it is so personal but a little too sad so would love to see (but may not be possible) the one on the left but showing more of your face as it is a bit too generic with not enough personality. I think that would solve the fact that opinions are so half and half at the moment.

    • Hello Susan, wow, thank you so much for your wonderful comment. It’s getting very exciting as I get closer to choosing. Blessings Narelle x

    • Thanks Kathleen, I am enjoying reading everyones responses. I will be making a decision over the next couple of days 🙂
      Blessings Narelle

  • I like the book jacket on the left, i am intrigued by the way you are looking back. It reflects you looking back at your past and that you have overcome some sort of dark turmoil. You look strong, confident and you took a stand to fight back. The book on the right reflects a beautiful picture of you , it would seem that it was a biography of you at first glance. It doesn’t capture my inner emotions to intrigue me to look at the book further.
    Good luck, love and light.

    • Hi Ruby, thank you so much for your comment. I have just launched the pre-sales of the book and look forward to hearing your feedback… Blessings Narelle x

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