The Day I Quit Smoking Day 2

Day 2


I am ok, I didn’t die during the night, but my body is telling me that it would like more sleep…I get my children organized for school and work, it’s Friday yay…tomorrow I will be able to sleep in, catch up on some sleep, maybe sleep will help take away this pain….I turn on my computer to find that a post I had placed the day before on Facebook about quitting and needing support was full of messages of encouragement and support from a lot of my friends on Fb…some of these messages: 

Your kids are going to be so happy that you have quit as that means they will have a healthier mum who will be around so much longer, (I won't say happier yet as I hear a smoker can get pretty cranky without a nicotine hit lol) YOU CAN DO THIS NARELLE FOR YOU AND YOUR KIDS

Welcome to the world of non smokers. I became one 9 years ago and have never looked back. I took up something to keep my hands busy for the first six months – my friends got beaded everything and when I had a craving I use to tell myself that if I still wanted one in 10 minutes i could have one – usually had forgotten by then. You will bless this day in years to come xxx

Go mum u can do it we believe in u, love u oxo

Congrats Narelle on taking this important step for you. My love is with you. Xxxx

That's a very good decision. Be inspired with the fact that with your move to stop smoking, you will be a great role model for people who are trying to get over their smoking addiction.

Congrats Narelle! I am so glad you've decided to quit smoking today. Re-affirm your decision every day and put smoking's throat under your heel.

Approx 70 messages of love and support and so the tears flowed again, but I realized this morning why…

I was mourning the loss of my very best friend (Ciggie), and now I needed to let the tears flow, because it was going to be the only way of allowing myself to grieve…

My pain in letting go was difficult, and I knew I was going to fight these feelings for some time to come, for how long…I didn’t know…but for now I had to just allow myself time…as they say time heals all wounds.

I have a business meeting tonight and a Birthday party tomorrow night, how am I going to cope with going out and not knowing if there are going to be smokers around or if I am strong enough to not want one…

I still feel as if a truck has hit me, but I get myself ready and catch the train to Southbank for our business meeting, I am actually not feeling too bad and enjoy having the company…

Saturday night and I am off to the Birthday party, it’s being held in a lovely Penthouse, I really don’t feel like going out again, and actually I am feeling sort of numb…the party is lovely and thank goodness there are not a whole heap of people there…the view is amazing, oh hang on…is that a smoker…yes it is, but within minutes my thoughts are on something else…and the thought about smoking is gone…phew.

I leave the party about 10.30pm, I am still requiring heaps more sleep…it is a long drive home and I am very thankful for getting home safely…

I have survived another day without smoking 🙂

I am a non smoker and I love breathing fresh air every day  

The love and support from my FB friends and family are still coming in…I need this support so much and appreciate having such wonderful people in my life.