Why I Do What I Do

WARCON LOW RES IMG_0029I have just launched my book ‘Blonde Roots', and I can tell you it was difficult, well difficult to start opening up old wounds… going back into the old Narelle and starting the healing process, yes that's what writing my book did for me. It healed a little girl that had suffered too much at the hand of abuse, pain and confusion.

However this process had helped me understand why we do some things in our lives, why we hide away with shame and fear. We have been conditioned to not open up about our hurts. We have been told that we must be tough enough to handle these hurts and pain… by ourselves.

By sharing my story I realised that part of my story could be your story too, and maybe if I could share my story with you it would help you to see where you may need some help or where you might be stuck on your journey… or that one woman can survive so much hurt and pain. Now don't get me wrong, i don't have all the answers, but I know by communicating our feelings it is the first part of the healing journey…

Which brings me to my Why I Do What I Do…

I want to leave a legacy, not only for my children, that I made so many changes in my life, so that they do not have to suffer from the hurt and pain that I did… but also for all. Yes, I want to stand tall and be a shining light against abuse… against domestic violence, against the old adages of fear and shame around these shameless acts.

empathyI want to share with you one of the most important parts of my business and that is my ‘PrivateEar' consulting and mentoring program. I want you to feel you have a space… a trusting, quiet, safe place where you can talk about those things you have held in for so long. Yes we all have them, we have just pushed them down for so long, that at times we think its ok, they don't bother us… or that it has been so long since that hurt, that we have almost forgotten about it. The thing is, our body still carries this hurt, this pain… in every cell and muscle.

By allowing ourselves permission to share, to bring up these past hurts and pain and let them go… well then our healing starts from the inside out. Yes I hear you say, but it's too hard… it's ok I understand… Little steps are all we need to begin with.

One of my other big goals is to have a Retreat, not just any retreat. This retreat is different on so many levels. Picture a country property, lush green grass, rolling hills and valleys, selectively covered by the most amazing trees, eucalypts, native australian bushes and wildlife. You are greeted at the main entry to be shown to your very own tranquil area, where there awaits the most magical little home, with  gardens surrounding the entry… you can smell the perfume of the pretty flowers as you enter. You take a look around and notice this is a safe, quiet, tranquil space… away from all the outside world, away from the other retreat homes… your cottage has a warm feeling as you enter to find all you need… what is so different you think… everything is natural… no glossy magazines, no dishwasher here, just a beautiful feeling of calm. Every cottage has it's own theme. You know you are going to have the best week as you walk toward the large wooded eating area, the smell of freshly cooked dishes with fresh vegetables and herbs from the hands on veggie garden are wafting passed you as if playing a gentle tune on its way passed. You Smile 🙂 You take a moment to breath in the fresh country air. A big breath filling each of your lungs to capacity, you release out some of the anxiety you arrived with… aarrhhh… it feels so good… You turn another corner wanting to see what else this amazing place has in store… is it true… you find a room, a quiet, homely room filled with books, it's as if they reach to the sky… you look through the open window to see many soft chairs and even a couple of quaint little beds in little bay window nooks… soft colours of blue, pink and mauve remind you that this space can allow you to become apart of the stories,  you will read here, allowing yourself to be carried away from the stresses of yesteryear. You want to go in… but something else catches your eye… what is that other little cottage, the one on the top of the small hill, the one with the little dandelions dancing around in the soft breeze, like tiny little fairies… you start to skip over to the cottage, not realising you have a spring, a lightness to your gait. You reach the cottage, and gently knock on the beautiful timber door, it's as though the cottage has been made within a tree trunk… how special. You are greeted by the artist who will be teaching you that you can become empowered by allowing your creative juices to flow onto  canvas. Feel your energy lift with excitement as your thoughts drift back to a time and place where things were once beautiful and the sense of freedom you had… now you can feel that again and be one with your paints as you create an amazing piece of artwork depicting your life, your journey.

retreat-reflectionThis is my passion, a passion I want to share with many, those who are less fortunate will also be able to come and enjoy this most amazing tranquil place… where time stands still for just a short time… there is much more to this goal, but for now I think you get the picture and how this place could one day be a place that you visit often… not only to rejuvenate, but a place to heal.


Blessings Narelle xoxox