You Are Not Alone On This Journey

When you feel you might be doing it all on your own, trust me when I say there are others who not only will be there for you but understand on the same level.

You don't ever have to do anything alone, even though there will be times when only you can make the decisions needed to be made.

Reach out, ask for help when needed, you don't have to carry the burdens alone.
I know when I was in domestic violence relationships, it was so hard to say ‘I need help'
Feelings of not being strong enough, not being brave enough and I felt that I did not want to burden anyone else… but it wasn't until I found someone to talk with, that I started to realise how very sad I was and how I had lost who I was.
It's ok to not be ok… but please seek help. there are so many who will help you when you feel too weak to do it by yourself.
Love and Blessings x